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Energy storage supercapacitor

Energy storage supercapacitor

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Product Description
super capacitor2.7V360F farad capacitor module
1. high power performance, low ESR, tolerance: -10%, +30%2. the cycle life shall not be less than 20000 times. It's OK after tenyears.
3. safe and reliable: not easy to catch fire or explode. Much safer than chemical batteries. 4. fast charging: charge 80%in
5.-40 ℃ to 70 ℃ operating temperature range. Suitable for harsh conditions.
6. cost effective: no replacement formany years. One time investment
7. simple charging method. Overcharge detection is not necessary because there is no possibilityof overcharge..
Applies to: car Rectifier, can improve / stereo / speaker, extended battery life, balanced voltage, in series add fuse and wire
can be used in parallel on the battery!
Effect: more than 30 percent away, on the slopes and powerful, but also for solar energy
For example: with 6 2.7v360f series can be made with a capacity of 16V60F automotive rectifier.
Also can enjoy the fun of DIY their own and a sense of accomplishment


Rated voltage VR2.7V
Surge voltage2.85V
cycle life100000
Storage temperature- 40 ℃ - 70℃,
working temperature- 40 ℃ to+ 65 ℃   2.7V
- 40 ℃ to+ 85 ℃   2.3V
internal resistance DC4 mΩ
internal resistance AC3 mΩ
Leakage current mA(24hrs@25℃)1.3mA
energy density(W.H)6.3
power density(W.H)6.7
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product application
Widely used in cordless phones, mobile phones, digital cameras, smart appliances Electronic toys, smart door locks, smart meters, MP3, PDA, DVD, VTR, GPS, PLC, fax machine, audio equipment, rice cookers, electric water heaters, self powered super flashlights Printer, tail lamp, electronic toy, financial cash register, UPS, solar energy, wind energy, and circular energy system, battery mate, etc.

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