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Shenzhen Yukun Technology Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Yukun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged inA technology-based company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of super capacitors ,super fast charging batteries,super fast charging modulesMainly for domestic and foreign markets, we produce and sell cylindrical, combined, fully dense and laminated series products to meet the needs of the vast market. Performance characteristics Small internal resistance, large capacity, long life, and many types are suitable for various application fields. Market applications cover emerging industries such as RMA, smart three-meters , Internet of Things, communication power supplies, smart door locks, medical equipment, power tools, and military applications. Provide a variety of fast charging and energy storage solutions and products, we have competitive prices, guaranteed supply, take every customer's needs seriously, think what customers think, and are committed to becoming a long-term supplier of our customers! Your satisfaction is our great satisfaction!