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5.5V1f supercapacitor

5.5V1f supercapacitor

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Product Description

Advantages of double layer super Faraday capacitor

1.High reliability, cycle life: > 500000 times
2.Good frequency characteristics, high temperature resistance, low temperature rise and high adhesion
3.High energy conversion efficiency
4.Small loss during use
5.Green power supply
6.The charging circuit is simple, without the charging circuit like charging battery, and maintenance free for long-term use

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product photo and desing:

It is widely used in gas meters, water meters, heat meters, meter reading systems, etc. for starting devices, detonators, tax controllers, toys, power equipment, etc



Rated discharge capacity F (25℃)

ΔV = 4.4V- 2.75V _

Capacity tolerance


Rated voltage


range of working temperature

AC internal resistance








product application

Super capacitors are widely used in automobile motor starting, solar energy, solar energy storage, cordless phones, mobile phones, digital cameras, smart appliances, electronic toys, smart door locks, smart meters, MP3, PDA, DVD, VTR, GPS, PLC, fax machines, audio equipment, rice cookers, electric water heaters, self powered super flashlights, printers, tail lights, electronic


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