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Specific differences and characteristics between supercapacitors and ordinary capacitors

2023-04-13 08:53:19

Specific differences and characteristics between supercapacitors and ordinary capacitors

Supercapacitors are energy storage devices with special performance that lie between traditional capacitors and batteries. Their characteristics include small size, large capacity, wide operating temperature range, long service life, fast charging, high power density, safety, green, and environmental protection.

Ordinary capacitors include non polar variable capacitors, non polar fixed capacitors, polar capacitors, etc. Their main characteristics are large volume, but relatively small capacity, and low ability to adapt to temperature, pressure, and other environments.

The specific differences between supercapacitors and ordinary capacitors are as follows:

1. Different reactions of capacitors

A supercapacitor is an electrochemical physical component that stores electricity through a double layer and redox reaction, without undergoing chemical reactions on its own. However, ordinary capacitors involve chemical reactions on the material itself when storing energy.

2. Different volumes of capacitors

Supercapacitors are mainly made of porous carbon materials, providing a larger surface area; The area of traditional capacitors is mostly the flat area of conductors. So, supercapacitors can utilize porous structures to achieve farad level capacitance in a very small volume, but ordinary capacitors can only meet the capacitance requirements through longer material rolls due to the limitations of electrode materials, resulting in larger volumes.

3. The energy storage of capacitors is different

Supercapacitors are based on high-quality structure and principles, so they can store more electricity than ordinary capacitors. In the same volume, the energy storage of supercapacitors can even reach 40000 times that of ordinary capacitors.

4. Different lifespans of capacitors

Supercapacitors use polarized electrolytes to store energy, and can be recycled over 100000 times during charging and discharging reactions. They also have strong nuclear power retention capabilities, while ordinary capacitors typically charge and discharge several hundred times and require frequent charging to maintain their state.

5. Different temperature resistance of capacitors

Supercapacitors have lower environmental requirements than ordinary capacitors, have good temperature characteristics, can charge quickly and normally, and are not prone to leakage. However, ordinary capacitors, under certain temperature conditions, not only reduce the power usage cycle, but also affect efficiency during charging.

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