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Uses of supercapacitors

2022-03-10 09:09:56

The scientific name of supercapacitor is Electronic Double Layer Capacitor [EDLC]. Unlike traditional nanodielectric capacitors that also have high capacitance values, supercapacitors do not use traditional solid-state electrolytes. The energy density of supercapacitors is larger than that of ordinary capacitors and smaller than that of lithium batteries. Its power density is smaller than that of ordinary capacitors and larger than that of lithium batteries.

  Supercapacitor , also known as electric double layer capacitor , is a new type of energy storage device. It has the characteristics of short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection.The application fields of supercapacitors include:

  1. Clock chips and static random access memories of tax control machines, tax control fuel dispensers, vacuum switches , smart meters, remote meter reading systems, instruments, digital cameras , PDAs, electronic door locks, program-controlled switches, cordless phones, etc. , data transmission system and other small current power supply backup power supply.

  2. Smart meters (smart electricity meters, smart water meters, smart gas meters, and smart heat meters) are used as starting power for solenoid valves;

  3. Solar warning lights, beacon lights and other solar energy products replace rechargeable batteries;

  4. Replace rechargeable batteries in small rechargeable products such as hand-cranked flashlights;

  5. Driving power for electric toy motors, voice ICs, LED light emitters and other low-power electrical appliances. Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitors and batteries. It has the advantages of high power density, large capacity, long service life, maintenance-free, economical and environmental protection.

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