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The main application areas of Farad capacitors

2021-12-02 11:25:28

The main application areas of Farad capacitors

Farad capacitors are a secondary power source with very high power. It has a wide range of uses in various fields of the point capacitor industry. In certain circumstances, it can be used in place of or in combination with battery boxes, Farad capacitors are revolutionary for some electromechanicals. The combination of Farad capacitors and batteries can be applied to the electric starting systems of various internal combustion engines, such as motor vehicles, tanks, railway diesel locomotives, etc., which can protect the battery and prolong the use time of the battery. , especially in low temperature environments and low battery conditions, to ensure reliable starting.

Farad capacitors can be used as a DC control power supply for high-voltage switching machines, which can make changes to the power panel arrangement very simple, reduce costs, and protect the energy storage power supply. Farad capacitors can also be used to start electric vehicles, increase or reduce the release of power, improve acceleration, fully protect the battery, prolong the life of ordinary batteries, and achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Farad capacitors can be assembled with batteries to use short-distance moving tools (vehicles), and their advantage is to protect the battery. Farad capacitors are used in uninterruptible power supply systems for important users. Farad capacitors can use wind and solar power generation systems. In addition, Farad capacitors can also be used in electrical pulse technology equipment, such as: spot welders, track circuit light welders, magnetizers, X-ray machines, etc.

Farah capacitance

Farad capacitors are used for backup power supply for instantaneous fluctuation of main power supply or instantaneous power failure

In some electronic devices, the instantaneous drop of the circuit voltage due to the activation of the motor, relay, buzzer or display, resulting in memory error or circuit malfunction, the use of farad capacitors can stabilize the voltage. In addition, in battery-powered instruments, due to vibration and other reasons, it is very likely that an instantaneous power failure will occur. At this time, using aluminum electrolytic capacitors can also protect memory or maintain the effect of circuit operation. However, when the circuit operating current is relatively large, Farad capacitors are undoubtedly the best choice. In camera systems, taxi meters, car audio systems, car electronic instruments and handheld commercial machines, typewriters and word processors.

Application of Farad Capacitors in Car Power Regeneration System

When the car brakes, there is still work in the engine braking. In order to recover the power quickly, the battery is generally used to recover it, but the service life of the battery is reduced due to frequent fast charging. The use of Farad capacitors can almost quickly recover the power nearly 100%, and then transmit power to the load and battery to complete the effective use of power. At the same time, because the Farad capacitor has a large discharge power, it can prolong the life of the battery during the starting and charging process of the car, and reduce the number of groups, thereby reducing the weight of the car body.

In a system with a strong load such as a motor or a transmission device on the load side, when a large load starts suddenly, a large instantaneous current is generally required. At this time, if the power supply energy is insufficient, the power supply voltage will drop instantaneously, and then the control circuit will occur. Misoperation, if the power supply capacity is increased, it is obviously a waste for work occasions that usually do not require large currents. Adding high-power Farad capacitors to the system can drive larger loads with smaller-capacity power brushes.

DVD, digital photo frame, mobile phone and other digital products usage plan:

Backup power during mains power outages and shutdowns. When shutting down and replacing the power supply, the information, clock and other memory information in the random access memory need to be maintained by the backup power supply. In this case, the use of Farad capacitors can protect these information, and the protection time can be reached according to the circuit conditions and the capacity of the Farad capacitor. From a few minutes to several months (the length of the standby time after a power failure mainly depends on the power consumption of the circuit itself. The power consumption is large, the standby time is short; the power consumption is small, the standby time is long.

Using this power supply circuit can recall radio stations, record time and protect clocks in digital tuning systems; maintain original data in taxi metering systems; in telephone circuits, it can complete functions such as number recall, redialing and automatic answering; Also, in a VCR, because the microcomputer is supported by a Farad capacitor , it is possible to continue recording TV programs even when the mains power fails.

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