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Do Farad capacitors have the same energy storage density as ordinary capacitors?

2021-05-06 14:42:09

Do Farad capacitors have the same energy storage density as ordinary capacitors?


Farad capacitors are also called super capacitors . They are different   from electrolytic capacitors . Farad capacitors are small in voltage

and have a high capacity of 2.7V. They also have a very large capacity of 3000F  

. It depends on the specific conditions of use of the product.

Farad capacitor: (unit is generally Farad (F), larger than ordinary capacitor (uF), Chinese like to call Farad capacitor)

Farad capacitor is also called super capacitor, gold capacitor . The capacity of Farad capacitor is much larger than that of ordinary capacitors . Because of its large capacity and the same external performance as a battery, it is also called a " capacitor battery ". Farad capacitors belong to electric double layer capacitors . It is the largest type of electric double layer capacitors that have been put into mass production in the world. The basic principle is the same as other types of electric double layer capacitors, which are composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolytes. The electric double layer structure obtains a large capacity.

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