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Capacitor Module
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Farad capacitor module

Farad capacitor module

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Product introduction:

       Farad capacitor module and double-layer capacitor module are produced by our factory. The farad capacitor module is customized according to the customer's needs. It is composed of several monomers and a protection plate. As long as it is not subject to overvoltage charging and explosion, the DC charging voltage shall not exceed the rated voltage of the capacitor.

Product specification:

Project Properties
Upper limit voltage 

16.8v or customized

Lower limit voltage 10V
DC internal resistance (10ms) 

≤ 120m Ω (transformer utilization is based on capacity)

Standard charging current ≤ 7.5A (3C) (transformer utilization is based on capacity)
Fast charging current 

≤ 19A (10C) (transformer utilization is calculated according to capacity)

Rated discharge current

≤ 19A (10C) (transformer utilization is calculated according to capacity)

Continuous discharge current

 ≤ 57A (30C) (transformer utilization is calculated according to capacity)

Discharge time100s
Temperature rise 55±5℃
securityRefer to GB/T 31485-2015 Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Electric Vehicle Power Batteries
Charging and discharging temperature range-40~85℃
Storage temperature range -40~55℃
Fast charging cycle life (@ 25 ± 2 ℃) 

≥ 30000 times (10C)

Slow charging cycle life ≥ 50000 times (1C)

The following types of products can be assembled:


Product display:

         Different modules can be customized, such as 21700 18650 series, 5.5V combined type, 3.0V series, 2.7V series, 5.5V lamination HCV type, and different specifications of soft package capacitors.



Our Advantages:



As one of the core technologies of the Internet of Things, the selection and use of power supplies are key issues related to the trustworthiness and value of products. Although there are many existing power sources, subject to various emergencies, the power compensation and management of smart devices is particularly important. With the help of lithium-ion capacitors or ultra-fast rechargeable batteries, fast response, long life, high safety, etc. characteristic.

Farad capacitor module


1. Use

1. The operating temperature of lithium-ion capacitors should not exceed the upper or lower limit of the rated temperature (-20 degrees to +55 degrees)

2. Lithium-ion capacitors should be used at nominal voltage. At the same time, in order to prolong the service life of the product, it is recommended that the monomer be used in " Rated voltage "(2.5v-3.8v) range.

3. Please confirm the polarity of lithium-ion capacitors before use, and avoid reverse connection.

4. The external ambient temperature has a heavy impact on the life of lithium-ion capacitors, please keep away from heat sources.

5. Do not directly touch water, oil, acid or alkali for lithium ion capacitors.

6. Do not knead, nail, or disassemble Li-ion capacitors.

7. Do not discard lithium-ion capacitors at will. When discarding, please dispose of them in accordance with national environmental protection standards.

2. Storage

1. During the transportation of lithium-ion capacitors, avoid violent vibration, kneading, rain and chemical corrosion, and handle with care.

2. Lithium-ion capacitors should not be placed in places with a relative humidity of more than 85% or containing toxic gases. In such an environment, the leads and casings are susceptible to moisture and corrosion, resulting in an open circuit of the ultra-fast rechargeable battery.

3. If the lithium-ion capacitor needs to be stored for a long time, please store it in a place with a temperature of -40~35 degrees, a relative humidity below 50%, and good ventilation.

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