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Capacitor Module
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Supercapacitor module

Supercapacitor module

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Product Introduction:

The supercapacitor module is a new energy package consisting of multiple supercapacitors connected in series, with a voltage balanced and stable discharge system and an aluminum alloy casing. The birth of supercapacitor modules has made up for the shortcomings of energy storage devices such as lead-acid batteries. The working temperature range of the supercapacitor module is between -40 ℃ and 65 ℃, which solves the problem of greatly reducing the efficiency of lead-acid batteries under cold outdoor conditions. In addition, the supercapacitor module not only has all the characteristics of a supercapacitor, but also has a status monitoring function, which can better achieve maintenance free and easy maintenance.

Product Description
Nominal voltage
Nominal capacity
Battery type
super capacitor battery
Built-in BMS
Monitoring of cell and PCB temperature, current, voltage, cell balancing, etc
CE,MSDS and UN38.3 certification
Parallel assembly
Operating temperature
From -40 to +70℃
Charge time
Life cycle
Over 20,000 cycles
Case material
ABS or metal case or stainless steel case
Case dimension
AHah :26*22*20CM (black)  ( all dimension can be customized )
Net weight
Protection Class
IP30 or customized
OEM Services
Sticker/ LOGO/ package/ connector


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