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Capacitor Module
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YKY Graphene super capacitor battery power Module

YKY Graphene super capacitor battery power Module

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Product Description
Function effect                                           
1. The power is increased by 15%, the engine is stable, the noise is reduced, and the idle speed is stable 2. the accelerator
becomes lighter, the starting speed is strong, the car overtakes, and the driving is safer. 3. large current and voltage to solve
the problem of unstable power supply 4. extend battery life, improve power supply environment and electrical performance of the
whole vehicle 5. simple installation, fuel consumption reduced by 10%, environmental protection.
Supercapacitor module is to connect several supercapacitors in series to cooperate with voltage equalization and discharge voltage stabilization system.
1. The supercapacitor module is green energy (activated carbon) and does not pollute the environment.
2. The super capacitor module has a long service life (100000 times of charging). 3. Super capacitor module has fast charging speed (0.3seconds -15 minutes)
4. Super capacitor module has high charging and discharging efficiency (98%); 5. High power density supercapacitor module (10.000w/kg)
6. The supercapacitor module is completely maintenance free,
7. Super capacitor module has strong energy recovery capacity in electric bus, and the energy recovery rate of emergency braking is as high as 75%
8. Relative low cost of supercapacitor module
9. The supercapacitor module also has the automatic alarm function of over temperature and over voltage, which can better protect other equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

Please contact me to customize your supercapacitor module
MAX voltage
Minimum voltage
DC ESR(10ms)
Work cuttern
Charge discharge temperature range
Storage temperature range
Fast charging cycle life (@25±2℃)
Slow charging cycle life
PCB consumption current
Over-Current Protection ,Over-Discharge Protection,Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection,Balance
Toys, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, BOATS
 Please consult us if you want to customize more !
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Our Advantages
product application
GPS digital products, POS terminals, two-way radio medical equipment, electric scooter, solar street lamp, safety products, etc., self balancing unicycle, electric golf cart, hovering board, windmill, energy storage system, backup power supply, large UPS, military electronic equipment, hybrid electric vehicle, variable wind propeller, energy-saving elevator, portable electric tools, heavy industrial equipment, solar energy, et

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