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Capacitor Module
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Supercapacitor module

Supercapacitor module

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Product Introduction:

      Supercapacitor modules, also known as dual supercapacitors, gold capacitors, or Faraday capacitors, store energy through polarized electrolytes. They are an electrochemical component, but there is no chemical reaction during their energy storage process. This energy storage process is reversible, and it is precisely because this supercapacitor can charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times repeatedly. At the same time, supercapacitors are a new type of green and environmentally friendly energy storage device (activated carbon), which has excellent characteristics such as high efficiency, high current capacity, wide voltage range, wide temperature range, long winding service life, long working life, maintenance free, simple integration, and low cost.

ApplicationStart and stop system, smart grid, harbour machinery and other power system
Mounting TypeInside
DescriptionPower energy pack
Model Number16V500F
TypePower pack
Place of OriginChina

Brand NameYKY
Configuration6pcs 2.7V3000F
Rated Capacity500F
Voltage - Isolation16V
Current Max charging3000A
Current standard discharging3500A
Operating Temperature-40~70℃
Product NameSuper Capacitor Battery
Current max discharge4000A
Supply Voltage16V
Lead time15days
cycle life500000 times

Product Description

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