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5.5V Farad capacitor

5.5V Farad capacitor

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Product Introduction:

        A 5.5V Farad capacitor is also a supercapacitor. Supercapacitors are a new type of energy storage device that lies between traditional capacitors and rechargeable batteries, with a capacity of several hundred to several thousand faradas. Compared with traditional capacitors, they have larger capacity, higher energy, wider operating temperature range, and extremely long service life; Compared with batteries, supercapacitors have higher specific power and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, it can be said that supercapacitors are an efficient, practical, and environmentally friendly energy storage device.

Product specifications:

1) The cycle life shall not be less than 500000 times. It still works after ten years.
2) Safe and reliable: not easy to catch fire or explode. It's much safer than chemical batteries.
3) Small size, large capacity, small units have great power.
4) Fast charging: 80% charging in 5-15 minutes.
5) Operating temperature range from - 40 ℃ to 75 ℃. Suitable for severe conditions.
6) Cost effective: no replacement required for many years. One time investment

product application
Super capacitors are widely used in automobile motor starting, solar energy, solar energy storage, cordless phones, mobile phones, digital cameras, smart appliances, electronic toys, smart door locks, smart meters, MP3, PDA, DVD, VTR, GPS, PLC, fax machines, audio equipment, rice cookers, electric water heaters, self powered super flashlights, printers, tail lights, electronic


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