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Capacitor Module
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High-power supercapacitor module

High-power supercapacitor module

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Product Introduction:

       The high-power supercapacitor module is a hybrid electrochemical energy storage device that combines the embedding mechanism of the lithium-ion battery anode and the double-layer mechanism of the double layer capacitor (EDLC) cathode. The combination of negative battery type LTO electrode and positive capacitor type activated carbon (AC) results in an energy density of approximately. 20Wh/kg, approximately 4-5 times the standard double layer capacitor (EDLC). However, the power density has been proven to match EDLC as it can fully discharge within a few seconds. On the negative electrode (anode) where activated carbon is frequently used, charges are stored in a double layer formed at the interface between the electrode and electrolyte. Like EDLC, the voltage of LIC varies linearly, which increases the complexity of integrating them into systems with power electronic devices that expect more stable battery voltage. Therefore, LICs have a high energy density that varies with the square of the voltage. The capacitance of the anode is several orders of magnitude larger than that of the cathode. Therefore, the change in anode potential during the charging and discharging process is much smaller than the change in cathode potential.

Product specification:

working temperature-40 ° C to+85 ° C
Storage temperature-40 ° C to+70 ° C
capacitance2kwh or customized
Rated voltage48V or customized
temperature characteristicCapacitance change:

 within ± 5% of the initial measured value at+25 ℃

(- 40 ℃ to+65 ℃)

enduranceInternal resistance: within ± 50% of the initial measured value at+25 ℃ (- 40 ℃)
At rated voltage and operating temperature

After 1000 hours: capacitance change: within ± 30% of the initial rated value

lifeAfter 500000 cycles
1/2 rated voltage from rated voltage to 25 ° CCapacitance change: within ± 30% of the initial rated value


Product display:

          Fast charging application, charging in seconds and discharging in minutes. For example, electric tools and electric toys; In the UPS system, the super capacitor provides instantaneous power output as a supplement to the standby power supply of the engine or other uninterruptible systems; Suitable for energy with sufficient energy and insufficient power, such as solar energy; Power support when the bus switches from one power supply to another; Small current, continuous discharge for a long time, such as backup power supply for computer memory. Widely used in energy storage systems, hybrid electric vehicles, rail transit, heavy machinery, wind power pitching, etc


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