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Capacitor Module
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Super hybrid capacitor module

Super hybrid capacitor module

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Product introduction:

      The super hybrid capacitor module is to connect several super capacitors in series and cooperate with the voltage equalization and discharge voltage stabilization system.

Specification of hybrid super capacitor module:

Standard charging currentFast charging current2.85V or customized

Rated capacity
3.0V or customized
Low voltage
2.85V or customized
DC internal resistance (10ms)

≤ 10m Ω (according to the customized capacity)

Standard charging current

2.5A (3C) (varies according to customized capacity)
Fast charging current1.5A (10C) (varies according to customized capacity)
Continuous discharge current
2.5A (30C) (varies according to customized capacity)
Long discharge time
Large temperature rise

Charging and discharging temperature range

Storage temperature range

Fast charging cycle life (@ 25 ± 2 ℃)

≥ 3 times (10C)

Slow charging cycle life
≥ 5 times (1C)

main features

2. Purpose
1. It is used as a power balance power supply for lifting devices, which can provide super current electricity;
2. It is used as vehicle starting power source, and its starting efficiency and reliability are higher than that of traditional batteries, and it can replace traditional batteries in whole or in part;
3. It can be used as traction energy for vehicles to produce electric vehicles, replace traditional internal combustion engines, and retrofit existing trolleybuses;
4. It can be used in the military to ensure the smooth start of tanks, armored vehicles and other combat vehicles (especially in the cold winter), and as a pulse energy for laser weapons;
5. In addition, it can also be used for energy storage of other electromechanical equipment.
3. Main features
    ◎ Super capacitor The module has a long life and hundreds of thousands of times of charging;
    ◎Super Capacitor Module Fast charging speed, it only takes 0.3 seconds to 15 minutes to charge;
    ◎The super capacitor module has high charging and discharging efficiency, and the charging and discharging efficiency can reach 98%;
    ◎Super capacitor module has high power density
    ◎Wide operating temperature range Super capacitor It can be used in the temperature range of -40℃~+65℃;
    ◎Good ultra-low temperature characteristics, can work in the environment of minus 40 ℃;
    ◎The super capacitor module is completely maintenance-free;
    ◎Super capacitor module does not pollute the environment, green and environmental protection;


Quick charge app, charge in seconds, discharge in minutes. Such as power tools, electric toys; in UPS systems, supercapacitors provide instantaneous power output as a supplement to the backup power supply of engines or other uninterrupted systems; used in energy-sufficient, power-poor energy sources, such as solar energy; when the bus from a Power support when one power source is switched to another power source; small current, continuous discharge for a long time, such as computer memory backup power supply.

Application areas:



Supercapacitors cannot be used in the following states:

1) Temperatures above the nominal temperature

When the capacitor temperature exceeds the nominal temperature, the electrolyte will be decomposed, and the capacitor will heat up and the capacity will decrease.

In addition, the internal resistance increases and the service life is shortened.

2) more than Rated voltage voltage

When the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, the electrolyte will be decomposed, and the capacitor will heat up and the capacity will decrease.

In addition, the internal resistance increases and the service life is shortened. Therefore, reducing the operating voltage can improve the service life.

3) Loading of reverse voltage or AC voltage

1. The effect of ambient temperature on supercapacitors

The service life of supercapacitors is affected by the operating temperature. Generally, if the operating temperature is increased by 10°C, the service life of the supercapacitor will be shortened by half. Please try to use it in a low temperature environment lower than the operating temperature. If it is used beyond the operating temperature, it may cause rapid deterioration of characteristics and damage.

The use temperature of supercapacitors should not only confirm the surrounding temperature and internal temperature of the device, but also the radiation heat from the heating element (power transistor, resistor, etc.) in the device, and the self-heating temperature caused by the ripple current. Also, do not install the heating element near the supercapacitor.

2. Please use the capacitor according to the positive and negative signs of the capacitor.

3. Please avoid using super capacitors in the following environments.

a) An environment that is directly splashed with water, salt water and oil, or an environment that is in a condensation state and is full of gaseous oil or salt.

b) An environment full of harmful gases (hydrogen sulfide, sulfurous acid, chlorine, ammonia, bromine, methyl bromide, etc.).

c) Environment splashed with acidic and alkaline solvents.

d) Direct sunlight or dusty environment.

e) environments subject to excessive vibration and shock.

4. Avoid overheating the capacitor during the soldering process (1.6mm printed circuit board should be 260°C during soldering, and the time should not exceed 5s).

5. Please avoid circuit wiring between the supercapacitor leads or between the solder joints of the connection board.

6. When using over-voltage or exceeding the operating temperature range beyond the rated conditions, it may cause the pressure valve to act, and the electrolyte will be ejected. Therefore, use a design approach that takes into account the possibility of this anomaly.

7. When charging and discharging rapidly, a voltage drop (also called IR drop) caused by internal impedance occurs at the beginning of charging and at the beginning of discharge. Therefore, please adopt a design method that takes into account the range of voltage variation.

8. Power-type large-capacity products (products above 10F) if the terminals are short-circuited in the charging state, there will be hundreds of amps of current flowing, which is dangerous. Please do not install or remove it while charging.

9. Do not put the capacitor into the dissolved solder, only stick the solder on the lead pins of the capacitor. Do not allow the welding rod to touch the capacitor heat shrink tube.

10. After installation, do not forcibly twist or tilt the capacitor.

11. When the supercapacitors are used in series, there is a problem of voltage balance between the cells.


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