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Application of intelligent supercapacitors in various aspects of intelligent distribution networks?

2024-03-01 10:20:34

Application of intelligent supercapacitors in various aspects of intelligent distribution networks?

1、 Application Overview:

1. Normal power supply: When there is power in the circuit, the power module provides working power, and the supercapacitor provides the electric opening and closing mechanism of the switchgear for operation.

2. Backup power supply: When the line loses power, the supercapacitor serves as the energy source to provide backup power through the power module, while driving the switch for opening and closing operations.

3. Scope of use: The supercapacitor power supply system is suitable for power-off protection in various ring main cabinets, switching stations, substations, column mounted units, and other occasions in the distribution network field, and is provided for use in switchgear, intelligent units, communication systems, and equipment.


2、 Characteristics of DC power supply for supercapacitors:

1. Development and design of supercapacitors and power modules for intelligent terminals and various high-voltage switches

2. Completely maintenance free, both supercapacitors and power modules require no maintenance

3. Reliable performance, with built-in protection circuit and convenient combination of power modules

4. Good temperature characteristics, especially excellent low-temperature characteristics, still working normally from -40 ℃ to+70 ℃

5. Strong output current capability, ensuring the reliability of opening and closing

6. Customization is convenient, with modular design that can be adjusted according to customer needs

7. Ultra long service life, up to 10 years

8. Green energy, pollution-free, and free from harmful metal components

9. Has been widely used within the State Grid for over 9 years in actual use

3、 Electricity related applications

1. Power supply and power-off protection power supply

2. Operating power supply and power failure protection power supply for ring main cabinet/switchgear/substation

3. Power supply for pole mounted switch operation and power failure protection

4. Power supply and power outage for communication module optical transceiver/carrier/wireless module

5. Fault indicator transmission power supply

6. Load monitoring electricity meter/electricity meter concentrator/three-phase electricity meter power-off communication power supply

7. Microgrid/Distributed Grid Energy Storage

8. Power quality adjustment/power compensation power supply


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