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What are the advantages of supercapacitors in electric vehicles?

2024-01-25 13:34:24

What are the advantages of supercapacitors in electric vehicles?

With the development of cities and the increase in population, the rate of resource consumption is also accelerating. In order to prevent the depletion of non renewable resources and protect the environment, people need to find renewable resources to replace non renewable resources. New power refers to various types of power besides traditional non renewable power such as oil and coal, and also refers to power that has just begun to be developed and utilized or is actively being researched and promoted. The emergence of new power is of great significance in solving the severe global environmental pollution problem and the problem of non renewable resource depletion. New power sources include solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, and geothermal energy. Nowadays, in addition to gasoline based motorcycles, sedans, buses, etc., many new power vehicles have also emerged, such as electric scooters, electric vehicles, and new power buses. New power electric vehicles and electric vehicles, as means of transportation, naturally have the characteristic of being green and environmentally friendly, and will not produce pollutants that pollute the environment. Many electric vehicles and electric vehicles use batteries, but as a source of power for electric vehicles, batteries have many shortcomings and are not as environmentally friendly as supercapacitors in terms of energy storage usage.30V200F标题-1副本.jpg

Supercapacitor module

Electronic supercapacitor

Super Capacitor, also known as Double Layer Capacitor, Golden Capacitor, or Faraday Capacitor, has been in the capacitor market since its inception in the 1980s. It is an advanced and environmentally friendly energy storage device that lies between traditional capacitors and energy storage batteries. It utilizes a double layer structure composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolytes to achieve super large capacity and energy storage. Not only does it have the discharge power of traditional capacitors, but it also has the ability to store charges in chemical batteries.

Advantages of using supercapacitors in electric vehicles:

1. Supercapacitors have a fast charging speed, and can reach 90% of the additional capacity within 10 seconds to 10 minutes of charging;

2. Supercapacitors can charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times, with longer working hours than batteries and lower performance losses. In daily use, they do not require excessive protection, saving protection costs and time;

3. Environmentally friendly, supercapacitors do not pollute the environment during production, use, and disassembly, making them a driving force for environmental protection.

Electronic supercapacitor

Although supercapacitors have a lower energy density than batteries and cannot drive for long periods of time and can only last for short periods of time, with the development of technology, it is believed that the defect of supercapacitor energy density will be overcome.

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