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Supercapacitors release "super energy"

2024-01-25 13:29:41

Supercapacitors release "super energy"

Seizing space and competing for the right to control space has become an important part of winning future information warfare. To establish a strong space defense system, precise and high-energy space weapons are indispensable, such as directed energy weapons represented by high-power pulse laser weapons. These weapons have astonishing power and are indispensable for winning future "sky wars".

Supercapacitors, as the most important energy supply component in high-power pulsed laser weapons, are a new type of energy storage device that can unleash enormous energy in a short period of time. It is widely used in weapons and equipment such as armored vehicles, ships, and spacecraft that require high pulse discharge power, and its role in future battlefields cannot be underestimated.Imaginary diagram of the application scenarios of supercapacitors in spacecraft, tanks, submarines, and shipborne electromagnetic guns


To win future information warfare, the battlefield power supply of new generation weapons and equipment is essential, which puts forward new requirements for the functionality of energy storage devices. The widely used energy storage devices currently include second-generation chemical batteries such as lead-acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, and lithium batteries, which provide energy for individual equipment power supply systems and hybrid electric transmission systems for combat vehicles. However, they have their own shortcomings, such as low output power density, slow charging speed, short cycle life, and so on. These "shortcomings" can cause equipment to "fall off the chain" in specific battlefield environments such as ice and snow (low temperature, low-power batteries cannot effectively "wake up" equipment), flat open areas (no shelter, weapons and equipment need to be charged as soon as they "break down"), and heavily humid areas (batteries are prone to corrosion and failure), thereby greatly reducing combat effectiveness.In order to avoid equipment falling off the chain in complex and ever-changing battlefields due to the shortcomings of batteries, supercapacitors have emerged under the research and development of researchers.

It is a third-generation physical energy storage device that is similar to batteries but differs to a certain extent. Unlike batteries, which do not undergo chemical reactions during charging and discharging, the storage or release of electrical energy is a rapid physical process established through an electrostatic field, without being limited by complex and time-consuming chemical reactions like batteries. Therefore, the specific power of supercapacitors can reach hundreds of times that of chemical batteries, and can form currents ranging from hundreds to thousands of amperes in a very short period of time, thereby instantly "activating" equipment at extremely low temperatures. Combining Title-1 Copy.jpg


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