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What are the applications of Faraday capacitors?

2024-01-17 13:19:15

What are the applications of Faraday capacitors?

(1) Fast charging speed, charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach over 95% of its rated capacity;

(2) Long cycle service life, with deep charging and discharging cycles of up to 1-500000 times, no "memory effect", and no problem of excessive discharge;110V27.5AH9.jpg

(3) High current discharge capability, high energy conversion efficiency, low process loss, high current energy cycling efficiency ≥ 90%;

(4) The power density is relatively low, about 2W/KG~3W/KG, which is equivalent to 1/5~1/10 of lead-acid batteries;

(5) The composition, production, use, storage, and dismantling process of the product's raw materials are pollution-free, making it an ideal green and environmentally friendly power source;

(6) The charging circuit is simple, without the need for a charging circuit like a battery, and maintenance free for long-term use;

(7) Excellent ultra-low temperature characteristics, with a wide temperature range of -40 ℃ to+70 ℃;

(8) Easy to detect, the remaining power can be directly read out;

(9) The capacity range is usually 0.01F-1000F, and the withstand voltage is often low (a few volts to over ten volts, and newly developed ones are only over twenty volts).

Supercapacitors can be made into supercapacitor modules, suitable for high-capacity requirements.

Introduction to Faraday Capacitors

Farad capacitors, also known as double layer capacitors, gold capacitors, or supercapacitors, are a type of chemical component that developed in the 1970s and 1980s. Supercapacitors store energy through polarized electrolytes, but do not undergo chemical reactions, and the energy storage process is reversible, which is why this supercapacitor can be repeatedly charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times.

The difference between Faraday capacitors and ordinary capacitors is primarily in terms of capacity. The capacity of a regular capacitor ranges from 10000 to 40000 microfacies, while the capacity of a supercapacitor can reach thousands of faradas. 1 farad is 1 million microfacies, so a supercapacitor is also called a farad capacitor.

Faraday capacitors belong to double layer capacitors, which are one of the capacity types of double layer capacitors that have been put into mass production in the world. Its basic principle, like other types of double layer capacitors, is to use a double layer structure composed of porous activated carbon electrodes and electrolytes to obtain super large capacity.


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