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Can Farad capacitors be used as batteries?

2021-12-30 10:06:14

Introduction to Farad Capacitors

Farad capacitors belong to electric double layer capacitors , which have the largest capacity among the electric double layer capacitors that have been put into mass production in the world. The composed electric double layer structure achieves a large capacity.

How Farad capacitors act as batteries

Farad capacitors can be used as batteries because they have the following advantages:

1. The charging speed is fast, charging for 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity;

2. Long cycle life, and the number of deep charge and discharge cycles can reach 10,000 to 500,000 "memory effects";

3. The ability of large electric discharge to chase electricity is super strong, the energy conversion efficiency is high, the process loss is small, and the high current energy cycle efficiency is ≥90%;

4. High power density, up to 300W/KG~5000W/KG, equivalent to 5~10 times that of batteries;

Farah capacitance

When using it, it can be used directly as a normal battery.

I made a hand-cranked starter myself. I was worried that the timing of the cranking would be uneven. I thought of the capacitor. After I connected it, if I cranked it fast, it would store the excess power, and if I cranked it slowly, it would discharge the power.

However, if the electricity coming out is AC, you need to add a rectifier circuit, and then pay attention not to exceed the rated voltage of the capacitor, otherwise the capacitor will be burned. The larger the capacitor, the more stable the output voltage.

First of all, you have to determine whether your generator has its own rectifier circuit. If not, it makes sense to add rectifier. Also, you need to test how high the output voltage is, which can be seen with a multimeter or an oscilloscope. If it is too high, you can connect several lamp beads in series. In fact, there is also a simple method. You connect several lamp beads in series, and then connect them directly to the generator, and then hand-crank the power generation. If the lamp beads are too bright, add more. If it is not bright, reduce it until it feels appropriate. For the lamp beads of V, multiply the number by 2.5V to get the withstand voltage of the capacitor. Of course, you must choose a certain specification, which can be 16V or 25V or higher, and the capacity is more than 100 microfarads (100μF), of course. The bigger the better, and more can be connected in parallel. Farah capacitance

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