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The important role of supercapacitors

2021-11-12 11:07:22

The energy storage technology of supercapacitors is reversible, so it can be used to deal with problems such as battery memory. Today, the application of supercapacitors is very common, especially at the level of hybrid electric vehicles. As a switching power supply for hybrid vehicles, it can very well meet the high-power requirements of the vehicle when running, going uphill and accelerating, thereby reasonably saving resources and improving battery life.


The basic function of supercapacitors is battery charging and discharging, but many power circuit conditions expanded by this basic battery charging function make supercapacitors have many different important uses.  

The capacitor in the frequency division circuit is called the crossover capacitor. In the audio speaker crossover power supply circuit, the crossover capacitor power supply circuit is used to make the high frequency speaker work in the high frequency range and the high frequency speaker work. The middle is in the Chinese frequency band, and the low frequency speaker works in the low frequency band.

The capacitors used by supercapacitor manufacturers in the compensation power supply circuit are called reactive power compensation cabinets. In the bottom sound compensation power supply circuit of the card seat, this kind of low frequency reactive power compensation cabinet power supply circuit is used to improve the low frequency of the music data signal. The data signal, in addition to this, also has a high frequency compensation cabinet power circuit.

Compared with ordinary capacitors, the structure type of supercapacitor has been improved and adjusted, and the basic principle has been improved. The filter capacitor in the super capacitor can store electromagnetic energy on time, but when other electronic devices need kinetic energy during operation, they can immediately release positive charge to maintain the application. The function of the bypass capacitor is mainly manifested in the balance of the positive charge output of the regulated power supply, preventing the circuit failure caused by the disordered transmission of the positive charge, and the coordination ability of the battery charging and discharging of the equipment is strong.     

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